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What to Wear

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Clothes (Seniors):

Bring a variety of outfits that fit you well including a classic outfit (medium to dark tone) to use for your traditional head and shoulder pose.


Clothes (Families):

Wear outfits that complement each other. Try to stay in the same color group, if possible, or a variation thereof. You do not all need to be wearing the exact same thing, but the colors should be similar. Darker colors are popular for fall family photos, whereas brighter colors are popular in the spring and summer.


Avoid the following:

-Clothes that are too tight or extremely loose fitting.

-Clothes with words, stripes and loud patterns.

-Dress from head-to-toe and don’t forget to bring accessories!



Style your hair in a way that best represents YOU! If you plan on getting a haircut, try to schedule it a couple of weeks out so that you have time to manage any dislikes. Keep in mind that a cut may reveal untanned skin during the summer. We cannot be responsible for severe sun tans and extreme tan lines! We also recommend the use of hairspray to tame loose ends that may catch light and reflect in a portrait. Guys, please sport a fresh shave. Five o’clock shadows cannot be retouched.



Make-up should be worn no heavier than you would for an evening out. Even if you don’t normally wear make-up, we suggest a light foundation or powder to reduce shine and even-out skin tones. Powder is great for even guys to use, and yes we promise no one will ever be able to tell you’re wearing it! Heavier make-up applied near the end of your portrait session is fun for dramatic black & whites.



Trim, file, and remove old polish from your nails. Lather on lotion to avoid dry looking, patchy skin.



To avoid a reflective glare from your eyeglasses, opt to wear contact lenses instead, or ask your optometrist about borrowing an empty pair of frames that match your style. Unless we have a picture of your eyes without glasses in every single pose, glass glare cannot be fixed!


Some General Guidelines:

-Try not to stress each other out before you get here!! This goes for parents and seniors as well as families.

-Wait until you get here to dress young children. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable.

-Parents...we know what we're doing! Please allow us to be in charge of the session. Jumping in front of the camera, constantly shouting for your child to smile or changing the pose after the subject is set, is very disruptive to the photographer as well as the subject.

-RELAX! We want this to be a fun experience for all!!!